Materials for teaching ethics and ethical decision-making are available through the generous support of the Daniels Fund.

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Ethical Leadership Course Package

Click here to access the Ethical Leadership Course Package

As Career-Tech programs increasingly reach into the middle schools, this ninth grade leadership course provides a significant opportunity for business and marketing programs to expand their presence in the earlier grades. We believe the course will encourage students to learn more about business and, ultimately, to enroll in upper division courses as outlined in our program-of-study kits. This course package includes:

  • Course Guide (both the 1- and 2-semester options included)
  • 58 LAP Modules focused on ethics, ethical leadership, and ethics in business hand-picked for use in the Ethical Leadership course
  • 14 additional ethics-related LAPs

The course guide and LAP modules in the Ethical Leadership package are also available individually:

Course Guides

Thanks to the Daniels Fund, all MBA Research course guides are available free of charge for a limited time:

More good news: These guides will be updated over the next several years to better integrate ethics and ethical decision-making and to ensure that they continue to reflect the most recent thinking of the business community. 

These guides are 100% aligned with the national Business Administration Curriculum Standards validated by industry across the nation. They provide a model that can be used as-is or modified to meet your specific needs. Click here for more info about our course guides.

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