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Assessment: Program-of-Study (POS) End-of-Program Exams
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For each Program-of-Study model (available free to all teachers in member states via State‚Äôs Connection and to all others here in the online store at nominal costs), MBA Research offers a corresponding online exam that is recommended for documenting student learning outcomes over the entire multi-course program of study. Comparable forms of each exam are offered as (formative) pretests and as (summative) post-tests at any time. Each is 100% aligned with the National Business...

Assessment: Program-of-Study (POS) End-of-Program Pretests
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Program-of-Study (POS) pretest exams (also called end-of-program pretest exams) are used in a variety of ways. They provide a straightforward way to measure student learning gains (comparing pretest scores with POS scores). Used annually, they provide guidance for various curriculum decisions. They also provide an invaluable way to help students review learning from prior courses and identify needed review and remediation. Pretests cover the same content (i.e., use the same test specifications...