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    For each Program-of-Study model (available free to all teachers in member states via State’s Connection and to all others here in the online store at nominal costs), MBA Research offers a corresponding online exam that is recommended for documenting student learning outcomes over the entire multi-course program of study. Comparable forms of each exam are offered as (formative) pretests and as (summative) post-tests at any time.

    Each is 100% aligned with the national Business Administration standards and is 100% aligned with the corresponding program-of-study to ensure fully curriculum-aligned assessment. Available exams, offered as 2, 3, or 4 Carnegie Unit Credits (Length of Program):

    • Marketing
    • Business Management and Administration
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Finance

    To better meet the needs of highly diverse school populations, MBA Research now offers program-of-study (end-of-program) exams at three different levels or degrees of rigor: Standard, Accelerated, and Honors-Ready. Exams (and corresponding programs of study) at these three levels are progressively more advanced and vary based on the number of competencies or performance indicators addressed, the complexity of these performance indicators, and pedagogical methods used in each program of study.

    Standard-level programs of study and corresponding exams are targeted at typical students as well as ESL students and other students with special needs. There are approximately 60 performance indicators per credit/Carnegie unit of instruction at the Standard level.

    The Accelerated level is appropriate for students of above-average ability. This level increases both the breadth and depth of content and addresses approximately 80 performance indicators per credit/Carnegie unit of instruction. (Based on field experience, the programs of study and corresponding end-of-program previously offered by MBA Research have been relabeled as “Accelerated” programs of study and exams.)

    Honors-Ready programs of study and exams are designed for advanced students. At the Honors-Ready level, additional higher-level, complex content is addressed, and there is a greater focus on inquiry, problem solving, and project-based learning. Approximately 90 performance indicators are addressed per credit/Carnegie unit of instruction in an Honors-Ready program of study.

    Program-of-Study (End-of-Program) Exam Basics

    • Exams are 100-item, multiple choice, available online (only).
    • The exams are administered by the local school test-site administrator (teacher).
    • Exams may be administered anytime--24/7.
    • Students may be tested as a group, in several groups, or individually.
    • Exam results are available immediately after the exams are submitted.
    • A TWO WEEK lead time is required to allow time for set-up and administrative details.

    Purchase the number of exam credits you’ll need for ALL POS exams (all titles, levels, etc.) You will have access to the entire list of POS exams. After your order is processed, you will receive an email with detailed instructions to arrange for the actual testing process. (NOTE: Any unused exam credits may be used at a future date.)

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