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    Includes three different Business Management and Administration (BMA) Programs of Study: Accelerated 4-Credit, Accelerated 3-Credit, and Accelerated 2-Credit. Each of the three Business Management and Administration Programs of Study contains a recommended series of academic and career courses for students focused on the Business Management and Administration Cluster and its pathways. Components of each program of study include: a “Program of Study at a Glance” grid indicating the academic and career courses suggested for grades nine through fourteen of a business student’s education; course descriptions for the program of study’s career courses; rigorous, non-duplicated career course learning outcomes based on national business management and administration standards; recommendations for CTSO involvement; sample career goals correlated with O*NET codes; sample job opportunities at various exit points; and listings of professional associations and certifications. Academic courses meet typical state high school graduation requirements. Career courses included in the programs of study provide great preparation for industry certification.

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