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    Includes three different Finance Programs of Study: Accelerated 4-Credit, Accelerated 3-Credit, and Accelerated 2-Credit. Based on national standards for finance, each of these three Finance Programs of Study contains a recommended sequence of non-duplicated technical and academic courses for students (grades 9-14) interested in the five finance pathways—accounting, banking services, business finance, insurance, and securities and investments. Technical courses include course descriptions and rigorous, industry-endorsed learning outcomes. The kits also contain ample promotional materials and supplemental resources. To generate student interest in finance, guidance counseling guides, student brochures, course promotional flyers, and a program of study poster are provided. Supplemental resources in the kits include listings of professional associations and certifications, job opportunities at multiple educational exit points, and articulated course information.

    (Teaching in a member state? Programs of study can be accessed free via State’s Connection!)