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    Teaching Financial Analysis for Managers? Looking for resources that support instruction and tie directly to recommended course content? Then, check out this LAP package, which includes 15 complete LAPs and PowerPoints hand-picked for use in the MBA Research Financial Analysis for Managers course. Course Guide included!

    Each complete LAP module includes a student handout (with CopyIT! permission) as well as an instructor section featuring a comprehensive discussion guide, complete practice- (short-answer) and post-tests (multiple-choice) with descriptive keys, student activities, and more. Bring your discussions to life with the included PowerPoints featuring a broad range of graphics to help keep students interested.

    Titles included in this package (see individual catalog numbers for more information):

    • *LAP-CO-025, Well Said! (Making Oral Presentations), revised, ©21
    • LAP-FI-085, Show Me the Money (Nature of Accounting), revised, ©23
    • LAP-FI-091, Count the Cash (Cash Flow Statements), revised, ©23
    • LAP-FI-093, The Right Balance (The Nature of Balance Sheets), ©21 (formerly LAP-FI-010)
    • LAP-FI-094, Watch Your Bottom Line (Income Statements), ©20 (formerly LAP-FI-004)
    • LAP-FI-099, Build Your Game Plan (Developing a Company/Department Budget), revised, ©22
    • LAP-FI-106, Money Tracks (Nature of Budgets), revised, ©23
    • LAP-FI-343, Control Issues (Internal Accounting Controls), revised, ©22
    • *LAP-FI-351, With Due Care (The Role of Ethics in Accounting), revised, ©21
    • LAP-FI-354, Money Matters (Role of Finance), ©20 (formerly LAP-FI-007)
    • *LAP-FI-355, Money Morals (The Role of Ethics in Finance), revised, ©21
    • LAP-FI-357, Running the Numbers (Cost-Benefit Analysis), ©20 (formerly LAP-FI-011)
    • LAP-FI-579, By the Numbers (The Need for Financial Information), ©20 (formerly LAP-FI-009)
    • LAP-OP-024, Watch Your (Over) Head (Overhead/Operating Costs), ©22 (formerly LAP-OP-009)
    • LAP-OP-025, Buck Busters (Employee Role in Expense Control), revised, ©23

    *Free! We are indebted to the Daniels Fund for its support to bring these materials to you free of charge. This special pricing requires completion of a brief survey that will help us measure impact of these free materials.

    For online access to all current LAPs, plus additional material as it becomes available, see the MBA Learning Center. 300+ modules, including PowerPoints.