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    The Middle School Career Exploration Package emphasizes introspective and experiential skills as students prepare for their future careers. Each module in the series is comprised of a PowerPoint Presentation, Presentation Script, and Student Guide. Components of each module include a narrative, discussion questions, activities, online resources, a journal prompt, and an ethical dilemma. Educators may choose to use the modules individually or present them as a coordinated instructional series. These modules are designed to be easily integrated into any course. They are ideal for classroom use (both instructor-led and student-paced), but are also appropriate for alternative settings, such as homerooms, advisory periods, or student organizations.

    This package currently includes 10 instructional modules covering the following topics:

    • Strengths & Weaknesses
    • Interests & Hobbies
    • Setting Goals
    • The Future of Technology
    • The Future of Health
    • The Future of the Environment
    • Time Management
    • Money Management
    • Communication Skills
    • Job Search Strategies