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    The A*S*K Certification Exam: Fundamentals of Ethics is now available for free, thanks to the generous support of the Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative! Details. To request the free A*S*K ethics exam and/or pretest, send teacher name, email, school, and school address to service@mbaresearch.org.

    Download the A*S*K Fundamentals of Ethics Practice Test.

    About the Exam:

    The free A*S*K Fundamentals of Ethics exam is intended for those students who have been introduced to ethics content developed by MBA Research through the Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative High School Program. This would include either the semester or year-long ethics course developed by MBA Research or through the integration of ethics resources (LAPs) into specific courses. The exam questions are aligned to those performance indicators, so students need to have an understanding of the ethical principles/content before sitting for the exam. Teachers wishing to have students take the exam will need to indicate the level to which their students have been introduced to the ethics resources developed by MBA Research.

    Pretests are intended to measure student knowledge prior to instruction. Practice Tests are also available to help in preparing students for the certification process. You may also use A*S*K Exam Prep Package to help prepare your students for the exam.

    For more detailed information regarding A*S*K exams, including lists of performance indicators covered on each exam, visit the A*S*K Institute website. For cut score criteria, click here.