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    Our world has been shaped by influential people with visions—mental pictures of a better and brighter future. Consider Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech or Walt Disney’s vision of creating the happiest place on Earth. Both individuals had a vision for the future, and both spent their lives working toward creating that future. In this LAP, students will learn the benefits of having a vision, the components of a good vision, and how to create their own personal visions so that they can achieve their dreams.

    LAPs (Learning Activity Packages) are comprehensive instructional packages that include all elements of a performance-oriented lesson plan. This LAP includes a student handout (with CopyIT! permission) that includes information about determining personal vision, a (So What?) discussion of why it's important to learn, and a short (Gray Zone) case addressing ethical issues. Click here for a sample of the student section. The instructor section features a comprehensive discussion guide, complete practice- (short answer) and post-tests (multiple-choice) with descriptive keys, student activities, and more.

    Bring your discussions to life with our PowerPoint presentation featuring a broad range of graphics and special effects to help keep students interested. This professionally produced presentation consists of 21 slides.