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    In today’s economy, a salesperson must have the performance skills of an actor in order to stand out in an increasingly crowded business environment. Just as an actor wins the audience’s applause by delivering a phenomenal performance, a salesperson must deliver an equally memorable buying experience to win in business.

    Act Like a Sales Pro takes its cue from acting, the ultimate form of persuasion, and shows you how to apply the proven methods and techniques of the acting professional to every step of the sales process, from getting the appointment to closing the sale. This innovative, entertaining, and insightful guide offers unique strategies and concrete examples from business and Broadway, to help you develop your own unique sales talent and take command of the business stage.

    Act Like a Sales Pro shows you how to:

    • Gain the appointment using audition techniques
    • Draw interest from reluctant prospects using secrets of the performer
    • React to the unexpected and maintain control using the rules of improvisation
    • Deliver memorable and persuasive presentations