• Format: DVD
  • Length: 48 minutes
  • Copyright: 2012
  • Recommended for: HS+/PS
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    Program Highlights

    • How reframing the question allows an infinite number of solutions.
    • Why rapid prototyping keeps your options open and your failures small.
    • The value of experimenting with un-useless inventions.

    Why do we need creativity? The world is full of daunting problems, and so are our workplaces. We need solutions. While the scientific method we all learned in school has value for discovery, a similar process for invention is not widely taught—yet is a critical component of true innovation.

    Dr. Seelig’s model for the “Innovation Engine” allows us to alternate between discovery and invention. It incorporates the internal strengths of imagination, knowledge and attitude along with the external forces of habitat, resources and culture. Dr. Seelig points out that each of us has the capacity for innovation. We are born with imagination, work hard to build a knowledge toolbox, and are able to develop the attitude that problems can be solved. But our business structures must build unrestrictive habitats that set the stage for creativity, provide the resources to get things done and, lastly, support a culture that sees small failures as a source of data and rewards the courage to try solutions that diverge from conventional wisdom.

    Tina Seelig is the author of 16 educational games and science books including, inGenius: Unleashing Creative Potential (2012). Dr. Seelig earned her PhD in Neuroscience from Stanford University Medical School.