• Format: DVD
  • Length: 24 minutes
  • Copyright: 2012
  • Recommended for: HS+/PS
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Price: $349.00


    Keep your mandated training fresh with this all-new dramatic harassment videos and training materials.

    Already in use by hundreds of public service organizations around the country and the world!

    Managers need to understand more than the basic rights and wrongs surrounding workplace harassment. They also need a healthy dose of empathy—one that helps them appreciate not only the business implications of maintaining a respectful workplace, but the emotional aspects as well.

    With top-quality video vignettes this newest harassment training video brings this message to life, showing that bad behavior is not OK—whether it applies to sex, religion, or anything beyond…and whether it actually crosses the line into illegal harassment or not.

    Demonstrating workplace behaviors through a series of compelling stories that include today’s newer social media technologies, this broadcast-quality training DVD explains the legal definition of harassment and provides specific examples, while explaining to your managers the potential harm that can be caused by unwelcome conduct and their responsibility for preventing it. They will receive specific instructions on steps they should take in meeting these responsibilities.

    Managers will learn how to:

    • be aware of what affects their workgroup, including improper use of social media
    • periodically conduct workplace audits, looking for inappropriate items
    • respond to complaints of inappropriate behavior
    • conduct investigations or assist HR/legal, depending on organizational structure
    • inform employees that retaliation will not be tolerated.

    This video portrays supervisors who step in early, before problems escalate. And it emphasizes the theme that a respectful workplace is more pleasant and more productive—which, in the end, makes their job easier. Our attorney moderators, Stefanie Schaeffer and Greg Dehm, provide commentary throughout, discussing the issues frankly and openly.

    This new video meets the highest standards of Kantola Productions’ prizewinning training video line. Your managers will take to heart the positive message of this DVD—that everyone shares in the responsibility to maintain a civil, respectful workplace. And this makes going to work better for everybody!

    Includes Study Guide:
    This booklet reinforces the definitions and topics covered in the video. Get examples of workplace harassment, learn about effective anti-harassment policies, and find out how to respond to and investigate a complaint.