• Format: DVD
  • Length: 25 minutes
  • Copyright: 2012
  • Recommended for: HS/PS
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    Just as raw materials buried in the Earth yield the occasional gem, raw data can also be mined for value. And as the amount of information available for analysis grows with every bar-code scan and Facebook post, the world of Big Data represents a seemingly endless wellspring of opportunity. But what does data mining involve, exactly? How are the findings used, and why? This program explores the methods, processes, and key functions of data analysis with help from eye-catching graphics and interviews with industry experts. Outlining the applications of data mining in biomedical research, health care, and other scientific arenas, the video also highlights its uses in business, from marketing to risk analysis to retail sales statistics. Privacy and other ethical issues round out the list of topics discussed in this timely, in-depth film. Viewable/printable educational materials are available online. A Films for the Humanities & Sciences Production. Click here for a preview clip.