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    Teaching Principles of Entrepreneurship? Looking for resources that support instruction and tie directly to recommended course content? Then, check out this package, which include 28 complete LAPs and PowerPoints hand-picked for use in the MBA Research Principles of Entrepreneurship course. Course Guide included! This LAP package is based on the Standard Principles of Entrepreneurship course. Additional LAP materials may be required for the Accelerated or Honors-Ready version of the course. Reference the course guide for a list of titles for the advanced versions.

    Each complete LAP module includes a student handout (with CopyIT! permission) as well as an instructor section featuring a comprehensive discussion guide, complete practice- (short-answer) and post-tests (multiple-choice) with descriptive keys, student activities, and more. Bring your discussions to life with the included PowerPoints featuring a broad range of graphics to help keep students interested.

    Titles included in this package (see individual catalog numbers for more information):

    • LAP-BL-006, Taking Care of Business (Selecting Forms of Business Ownership), ©16 (formerly LAP-BL-002)
    • LAP-CM-002, Chart Your Channels (Channel Management), ©15
    • LAP-CM-003, Channel It (Channels of Distribution), ©16 (formerly LAP-CM-001)
    • *LAP-EI-075, It’s Up to You (Taking Responsibility for Decisions and Actions), ©16
    • *LAP-EI-091, Worth the Risk (Assessing Risks of Personal Decisions), ©18
    • *LAP-EI-092, Embrace the Unknown (Developing a Tolerance for Ambiguity), ©18
    • LAP-EN-038, Explore the Possibilities (Conducting Feasibility Studies), ©16
    • LAP-MP-002, Pick the Mix (Nature of Marketing Strategies), ©16
    • LAP-MP-003, Have We Met? (Market Identification), ©18
    • LAP-MP-005, Futurecast (The Nature of Sales Forecasts), ©15
    • LAP-MP-007, A Winning Plan (Nature of Marketing Plans), ©16 (formerly LAP-MP-001)
    • LAP-MP-010, Analyze This! (SWOT Analysis), ©19 (formerly LAP-MP-004)
    • LAP-NF-015, Get the 4-1-1 (Conducting an Environmental Scan), ©17 (formerly LAP-NF-002)
    • LAP-OP-009, Watch Your (Over) Head (Overhead/Operating Costs), ©15
    • LAP-PD-012, Imagine That (Demonstrating Creativity), ©16
    • LAP-PD-066, Own Your Own (Career Opportunities in Entrepreneurship), ©16 (formerly LAP-PD-004)
    • LAP-PI-002, The Price Is Right (Nature of Pricing), ©15
    • LAP-PI-003, Make Cents (Factors Affecting Selling Price), ©16
    • LAP-PI-006, Tipping Point (Calculating Break-even Point), ©19 (formerly LAP-PI-004)
    • LAP-PM-003, Mix and Match (The Nature of the Product Mix), ©15
    • LAP-PM-017, Rapping Up Products (Nature of Product/Service Management), ©15
    • LAP-PM-019, Getting Piece of Mind (Factors Used to Position Product/Service), ©14
    • LAP-PM-127, Unleash Your Mind (Techniques for Generating Product Ideas), ©17 (formerly LAP-PM-011)
    • LAP-PM-272, Stand Out (Unique Selling Proposition), ©19 (formerly LAP-PM-016)
    • LAP-PR-001, Spread the Word (Nature of Promotional Mix), ©17
    • LAP-PR-002, Razzle Dazzle (Nature of Promotion), ©16
    • LAP-PR-003, Ad-quipping Your Business (Types of Advertising Media), ©16
    • LAP-PR-004, Know Your Options (Product and Institutional Promotion), ©16

    *Free! We are indebted to the Daniels Fund for its support of many curriculum and instructional tools throughout our store. This special pricing requires completion of a brief survey that will help us measure impact of these free materials.

    For online access to all current LAPs, plus additional material as it becomes available, see the MBA Learning Center. 300+ modules, including PowerPoints.