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    The Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH) is the premier, nationally recognized source for career information. Especially designed to provide valuable up-to-date information, the Handbook is great for all individuals making decisions about their futures including students about to graduate from high school or college, recent graduates, individuals returning to the workforce after an absence, or anyone looking for a career change. It has been used by millions since the 1940s.

    The 2018–2019 OOH reflects employment projections for the 2016–2026 decade. It includes information on the fastest-growing occupations, number of new jobs, and a summary of the highest-paying occupations.

    This Handbook contains numerous occupations profiles and includes information on:

    • Duties required by the occupation
    • Work Environment
    • Education and training needed
    • Median pay
    • Important qualities for the job
    • Licenses, certification, and registrations needed
    • Contact information to learn more about the occupation
    • Job outlook
    Special features include:
    • Assumptions and methods used in preparing employment projections
    • A comprehensive appendix summarizing the occupations
    • Data for occupations not covered in detail
    • Employment projections
    • Glossary of terms used throughout the book
    • Occupational information network coverage; and a detailed index