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Behind the Color Wheel: Using Color in Art & Design Fashion, Apparel Marketing, Advertising, Promotion, Visual Merchandising, Retail Display
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Get a practical but in-depth view of color in action! Viewers examine graphic and interior design, paintings, and other media to learn: the science behind color color systems for different media popular color schemes color wheel relationships to create tints, shades and tones by altering hue value and intensity how to create color combinations that evoke different responses Closed Captioned ...

Clothes at Work: Decoding Office Dress Codes Work-based Learning, Co-op Work Experience, Community-based Learning, Fashion, Apparel
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Like it or not, on the job, appearance matters! But what's the right look for YOUR workplace? Or your NEXT one? Learn about the four levels of business dress, tips on accessories and grooming, and how to build an affordable wardrobe.Includes subtitles