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Who Would You Hire?
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Lisa is the Human Resources Director at a popular resort and is searching for a new Events Sales Specialist who will be responsible for marketing the resort's services and facilities. From the many applicants, Lisa has chosen six young people to interview and your students get to decide who's the best candidate for the position!YOUR STUDENTS MAKE THE CHOICEYour students will watch each of the short interviews, consider the applicants' positives and negatives and then decide who they would hire...

Workplace Ethics Work-based Learning
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Answer the question "Why be ethical?" and teach all employees, including managers and supervisors, an ethical decision-making process that protects your organization and makes it a better place to work.Ethics matter. It’s not just the big scandals you see in the news, but the small everyday decisions that add up, too. In fact, that’s where you need to draw the line—with the little things—before serious damage is done.This employee ethics training video follows four realistic scenarios that...

Youre Soaking In It
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Advertising as we knew it is dead. The new age of big data advertising is rooted in hard science, complicated math, and high technology. What was once best guesses and creative leaps, is now precise, targeted surveillance. With no regulations on the books, companies are free to compile reams of personal data on anyone who accesses the internet. Industry insiders are calling this new world of advertising "the wild west." This program reveals the behind—the—scenes process of collecting personal...