We are indebted to the Daniels Fund for its support of many curriculum and instructional tools throughout our store.

In order to evaluate the impact of these free* materials, teachers are asked to complete a brief survey for each category of materials requested (e.g., Course Guides or Learning Modules). Each required survey will take 3 – 5 minutes to complete.

  • For LAP modules, you’ll need to complete ONE survey each year for access to all new funded modules as they are released. (Many, but not all, modules are funded.)
  • For course guides, also free, we’ll ask you to complete a separate survey each time you request a guide.

The purpose of the surveys is to estimate the impact that the free materials have. The Daniels Fund staff will consider aggregate data collected on these surveys to determine how effectively our profession is able to introduce ethical decision-making among secondary students.

*You’re right. Nothing’s really free. But in this case, we’re fortunate that the Daniels Fund has underwritten the cost of many of our materials. The Fund paid the bill so that you don’t have to! If you’d like to take a minute to extend your appreciation, simply email and put in the subject line “Daniels.” We’ll get your note to the right people at the fund. Who knows? Maybe your note will be the tipping point for future funding! Thanks for taking the time.

What’s free?

Throughout the MBAShop store, you’ll find a variety of materials offered free. Available materials change over time, but include digital versions of all Course Guides and select Learning Modules (LAPs).

Over the next several years, we’ll be rolling out 70 new and revised LAPs across most of our instructional areas. These modules will come online individually, beginning summer of 2016. Many now available!

Any questions? Email